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OMG [November 26, 2007]
I'm alive.. I swear. I just never log on here anymore. I'm mostly on myspace.
If you want to add me you can. I'd love to add ya :) myspace.com/kithfan21
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[December 08, 2006]
If you haven't already done so, add my icon/tutorial/resource LJ. I added a tutorial to it today.
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[December 01, 2006]
Last night was an emotional one. My cousin Chris flew to FL from CA to visit my grandmother. He brought his laptop and set it up so we could have a video conference, so they could see us, and us see them. My grandmother looks so weak and its so sad to see her that way. They have a hospital bed there she's on oxygen and I guess there is a nurse that comes and helps my Aunt and takes care of my grandmother courtesy of the local Hospice there. She smiled when she got to see all of us which was nice to see, but she looked and sounded so weak. My brother and Aunt said something about.. "Does Justine want to come and visit?" and of course I said yes. I always told myself since I found out, that if there was a way for me to go, I would.. and they said ok to clear my schedule. I guess they are going to pay for me to fly down. Only catch, they mentioned something about staying a month.. EEEK! Maybe two weeks.. but a month? I'd miss Emily's first Christmas. But then again I am torn, because this might be my grandmothers last Christmas. I am so not looking forward to flying. I've got to make sure I got all my medicines and everything else.. ugh..

Ok a question for those of you who fly more than me.. You can pack stuff like Shampoos and razors in you checked luggage right? And just have my medications and wallet and ID in a clear plastic baggie type thing? it's been like 7 years since I've last flown.
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[October 22, 2006]
[ mood | chipper ]

Spending time on myspace - Usually a waste of time.
Searching for people you used to know - most of the time entertaining.
Finding out someone who used to pick on you for being 10lbs overweight is now like 150lbs overweight themself - Priceless


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[August 12, 2006]
This is the best picture ever!!!

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[August 06, 2006]
I came across this picture and just had to make an icon.. if you know who it is.. you ROCK!
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[July 09, 2006]
People never seem to amaze me. Link
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[July 02, 2006]
I woke up at 8am to pee, and was about to go back to bed when the phone rang.. it was my mom telling me their dog died. It's sad, but she had cancer.. she was something like 16 years old, so it was no suprise. I loved that little dog though.

I love the weekends, because my brother in law is home and he can deal with the kids more, so I can do whatever I want.. but yet I hate the weekends because he's home. LOL OK I usually am the one that mostly deals with the kids because my sister lies in bed all day, so the kids are used to things a certain way.. My brother in law on the other hand has practicly no patience with the kids, so he screams and yells at them... which does nothing but upset the kids and get them screaming, so I usually have to step in and be mommy to all 4 kids and him.. I so can't wait to get the money to move out..

This movie looks so fucked up.. I want to see it. Seems more like a Bruce Campbell movie...
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[June 30, 2006]
Considerate Realist

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[June 28, 2006]
Funniest shit I've seen all day...

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[June 28, 2006]
[ mood | crazy ]

OK I am too lazy to retype everything so I copied and pasted my email to my mom. hehe

Oh man what a night.. I was going to bed around 1:45am and all of a sudden we heard this bang under the house.. Jess said "Justine?" I said "it wasn't me".. so she said "Oh shit.. it might have been a pipe".. I check the water.. no pressure.. so she goes and wakes up Cole, and sure enough there is water rushing under the house.. they turned off the water and thankfully it stopped... Cole thought it was the water heater at first, but thankfully all it was is one of the coil clamps had come lose somehow.. so they went to the store to get a clamp. I stayed here with the kids.. Poor ryan slept in my bed because he was coughing, (oh, Jess tell you his shit in the tub yesterday? Ha) and gagging on the shit draining down the back of his throat, and Emily kept waking up. They finally came back around 4am, and I fell asleep alittle after that.. and Ryan kept waking up off and on the rest of the morning.. Thank god it wasn't the Water heater though.. So now cole just has to replace all the insulation and stuff that got wet.. and the insulation we have is like $40 a roll.. So it's 9:30am and that's my day so far. LMAO how's yours?

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[June 25, 2006]
OK I decided I'd make a LJ just for my icons, so add this to your friends if your interested in them. I icons just about anything. I'll post icons I've made for me, for friends, and some I made just for shits and giggles.. anyone have any requests? Make them.. I just might fufill them.

Add it.. 2clearlyinsane
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Stolen from Marie [May 17, 2006]
Using this doll maker, make a doll of me from what you remember of my looks, or how YOU
picture me, and post it here in the comments. There's a button on the
left hand side under the image you make that generates the html code so
you can copy and paste it here. It doesn't even have to look like me,
necessarily, just have fun with it.

Once you've posted here, ask the same in your own journal and see what your friends think you look like!
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[April 20, 2006]
You know those popular slogan t-shirts just about everyone has? Well I decided to make a few icons with sayings from some.

I think there is a little something for everyone here..Collapse )
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Img_1499 [March 29, 2006]

Originally uploaded by kithfan21.
I'm bored and playing around with flickr's blog feature. Here is a picture I took today.
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[December 19, 2005]
[ mood | chipper ]

Holy Shit! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. No matter how old I get.. It never gets old seeing all the lights (or lack of) on people's houses. This don't have much but I think it's classy. LOL
We had lights on our house too, but the fuse blew on them, and everyone is too lazy to fix it.

In case I don't write again before Christmas, I want to wish anyone that actually reads this a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza or Happy Hanukkah, or whatever else is celebrated.

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Friends Only [March 14, 2005]
This is a friends only LJ.. Comment to be added.
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